How to Process a Payment on OptionPay

Hello and welcome to the Optionpay academy. In this session we’ll be taking a look at processing a payment from the Optionpay portal… it’s very simple, so let’s jump right in.

When you first sign in to the Optionpay portal you should automatically be taken to the “Process a Payment” page. If not, simply click on the “Process a Payment” button, which is the first button on the left in the navigation bar. 

Note: Attaching a Receipt

Let’s quickly touch on the Receipt Attachment option which appears at the top of the page, just below the Navigation bar. When processing a payment, if you want to attach a file or image to a customer receipt, you can use the “Add Attachment” button which will attach the selected file to the customer’s email receipt. This is entirely optional, so it is not required to process a payment. 

Moving down the page, the next thing you’ll notice are the icons for the accepted payment methods, which you can see here, are Visa Debit and Credit, Mastercard Debit and Credit as well as American Express. 

Note: AMEX Issues

Please note, if you are having issues processing an AMEX card, there are special requirements to accept AMEX, so if you do not see the AMEX logo on your side, please get in touch with us so we can assist further. 

Moving down, the next fields you will see are “Card #”, “Name on Card”, “Card Expiration”, and “CVV”, all of which are required fields. 

When you have fully entered a credit card number and navigate away from the “Card #” field, you will see a validation message to confirm whether or not the number entered is valid. The message “Valid Card Number” will appear, and the field will be highlighted in GREEN. If the number is not valid, the message will appear in RED and the field will be highlighted in yellow.

Continue filling out the required fields “Name On Card”, “Card Expiration” and “CVV” which are the 3 digits on the back of card for Visa and MC, or the 4 digits at the end of the card number for AMEX.

Next, we have the Transaction Details section, which is where you set the amount of the transaction, add an email address to send a receipt, and add public or internal comments. Internal comments are just as they sound… these are comments that can be added to a transaction but are not visible to the customer. Public comments, on the other hand, will appear on the customer receipt. All of the options within this section are optional, with the exception of the transaction amount. 

To finish processing the payment, click on the button below that reads “I authorize Optionpay Incorporated to charge my credit card for the above transaction” and then click on “Submit Payment”. 

After a few moments of processing, you will be redirected to a payment result page with the message “Transaction processed and saved!” appearing in a green box. On this page you will see a summary of the transaction, including the assigned transaction ID, authorization number, status, date, amount, receipt email if provided, the last 4 digits of the card that was charged, name on card, as well as comments, both public and internal, if provided. 

If the transaction was not successful, you would be returned back to the payment processing screen with an associated error message, like this one, for example:


Description automatically generated

These error messages vary widely, so if you receive one and are unsure of what it means, please get in touch so we can assist. 

This wraps up the section for processing payments. Thanks for watching and we’ll see you in the next video!