What is OptionPay


OptionPay is recognized as a leader in the card-not-present, merchant friendly, consumer services payment arena. We are passionate about solving payment needs, helping our customers understand that they have an option on how to pay for all products and services. We help merchants understand the payment industry, avoid mistakes, increase security, optimize billing, and reduce unnecessary fees.

OptionPay merchant and payment card services include the following options:

  • Virtual Terminal
  • Website Integration API
  • Bill Pay / User Fee
  • Hosted Payment Pages


Here are just a few of the testimonials OptionPay has recieved over our many years of working with strategic partners. All of these customers and so many more trust OptionPay for their merchant services.

Why OptionPay?


20+ years of experience, in a market that is still in it’s infancy.


Our client is the consumer. OptionPay provides a service to your customer. If they are not happy they will not use our service. OptionPay is on a pay for performance plan, if we do not provide a secure, user-friendly system, we do not get paid!


Fraud Tools

At OptionPay, we understand the importance of secure and reliable online transaction processing. That’s why we provide the latest fraud tools, delivering our merchants secure, user friendly processing. Our fraud tools are built into our software and perform a variety of Internet-specific checks that substantially reduce risk of fraud. These checks include Duplicate screening, AVS, CVV-CVV2, GeoIP, Blacklists, Velocity and Frequency checks. Verified by Visa (VbV) and Secure by MasterCard can also be integrated as an enhanced security tool.

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